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Single Board and Committees

Volunteers are a very important part of the ministry here at First United Methodist Church. Laity refers to any member of the congregation that is not an ordained Pastor. Our Lay Leadership is very dedicated to the mission of our church. Here we have a list of our Single Board and all our committees and those who currently serve on them. There is also a brief description the committees responsibilities and role.

Single Board Members

Chairperson: Bruce Dopslauf

Church Treasurer: Jeff Parker

Board of Trustees Chairperson: Charlie Learned

Staff- Parish Relations Committee Chairperson: Larry Hatfield 

Senior Pastor: Andy Smith

Single Board Members: Diana Wilson, Sandy Flagg, Larry Nickel, Janet Gillentine, Peggy Brisgill, David Connor

Lay Leader: Jim Howse

1st Lay Member of Annual Conference: Marie Allen

2nd Lay Member to Annual Conference: Sherri Tolbert


With our new Single Board, we have combined the Board of Trustees, Staff- Parish Relations Committee (SPRC), and Finance Committees to create a more efficient way of governing our church business.  

Council On Ministries: This committee meets with all heads of ministries throughout the church and brings news and needs to the single board for action. Members are Pastor Andy, Jim Howse, Marie Allen, Sherri Tolbert, Nancy Hajek, Heidi Stone, Lauren Shaddix, Debra Hall, and Myra Simmons.

Lay Leadership Committee: The charge of this Committee is to identify, develop, deploy, evaluate and monitor Christian spiritual leadership for the local congregation. Members are Andy Smith, Bruce Dopslauf, Ed Murphy, Misty Touchet, Heidi Stone, Debra Hall, Brad Cutright, and Andy Watson.

FUMC, La Grange Foundation: The FUMC Foundation was established by this congregation in 1997. For members and friends, it creates the opportunity to make charitable gifts that will permanent endowed funds to promote and enhance the church’s ministry and mission. Some of these funds are used for scholarships given each year for higher education and others are given to other non-budgeted purposes the Church Council approves. Members include Bruce Dopslauf, Diana Wilson, Janet Gillentine, Andy Smith, Heidi Stone, David Jenkins, Michele Schramm, Patsy Parker, and Joy Hall.