07.22.21 | Worship | by Andy Smith

    Rev. mark Winter     

    Rev. Mark Winter is a General Evangelist of the United Methodist Church who uses drama as his primary tool to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ.  He formed his ministry in 1999 as a "creative force for God."

    Mark will join us on Sunday, August 29 at our 10am worship service.  Please note the special worship time as this is our designated Friendship Sunday with a combined worship service.   A potluck luncheon will follow.

    Mark's drama is entitled "God's Cavalryman."   This is a tribute to the circuit-riding preachers of the old frontier.  Winter's circuit rider, a fictitious Methodist parson named Obadiah Ryder IV, is based on historical sources.  Winter set his post-Civil War preachers in Texas.  His character is a fourth-generation circuit rider, whose ancestors were Methodist preachers.

    "God's Cavalryman" is chock-full of good natured humor, thrilling stories and audience interaction.  Rev. Winter's appearance is straight out of the history books as he strides in with a Western hat, dust-spattered coat and high boots, a saddlebag slung over one shoulder.  The skit will begin with a video narration that gives lively historical background on the Methodist circuit riders.

    Please join us on Sunday, August 29. 

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