03.18.20 | News | by Andy Smith


Shelby is our new partner that provides an an easy and secure way to make single or recurring contributions to the church through Credit/Debit cards or any banking institution.


video tutorial

Click on the TV Screen LOGO in the upper right corner to watch a training video on how to use Shelby Giving.  Or you may CLICK HERE to watch.


  • What is ShelbyNext Giving?
    • It is a secure online application that allows you to contribute to the church on a one-time or continuing basis.
  • Can I designate my giving?
    • Yes.  Any contribution through Shelby can be designated to any account the church creates.  For example, you can designate your electronic gift to the General Fund, to Memorials, or use it to pay for a church event like VBS or Youth Mission Trips.
  • What types of payments can ShelbyNext Giving accept?
    • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Personal Checks (ACH/e-checks).
  • Who handles my donations?
    • All donations are securely processed and go directly from the donor's account to First UMC La Grange's bank account.
  • How are my contributions recorded?
    • Any electronic contribution through Shelby Giving is automatically recorded into your personal profile with ShelbyNext membership.  Remember, you can access your giving history through ShelbyNext.
  • Can I set up recurring payments?
    • Yes.  You can set up recurring contributions through Shelby and have full control over the frequency of these transitions.

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