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    September 19th Daily Word

    09.19.20 | Youth Ministry

    READ: Matthew 19:13-15 THOUGHT: It’s crazy to even read that the disciples were scolding parents for “bothering” Jesus with children—but they were.  The disciples must have forgotten what Jesus had previously said...

      September 18th Daily Word

      09.18.20 | Youth Ministry

      READ: Matthew 19:1-12 THOUGHT:   We read previously how John had been put in prison and killed, partly for His public opinions on marriage and divorce.  So here, the Pharisees hoped to trap Jesus too.  They were trying to...

        September 17th Daily Word

        09.17.20 | Youth Ministry | by Lauren Shaddix

        READ: Matthew 18:21-35 THOUGHT: The rabbis (teachers) taught that people should forgive those who wrong them—but only 3 times.  Peter, trying to be especially generous, asked Jesus if 7 (the number of completion) was enough times...

          September 16th Daily Word

          09.16.20 | Youth Ministry | by Lauren Shaddix

          READ: Matthew 18:15-22 THOUGHT: These are Jesus’ commands for dealing with those who sin against us.  These are meant for Christians (not unbelievers).  These are meant for sins committed against you, not others.  These...

            September 15th Daily Word

            09.15.20 | Youth Ministry | by Lauren Shaddix

            READ: Matthew 18:7-14 THOUGHT: Jesus warned His disciples about 2 ways to cause others to sin:  1. Tempting them to (18:7-9).  2. Neglecting or despising someone (18:10-14).   As followers of Jesus Christ, we are leaders in the...

              September 14th Daily Word

              09.14.20 | Youth Ministry | by Lauren Shaddix

              READ: Matthew 18:1-6 & Mark 9:33-37 THOUGHT: In Mark, Jesus is the one that brings this conversation up by asking His disciples what they had been talking about earlier out on the road….uh-oh.  Maybe they thought He...

              Resuming Worship

              05.26.20 | Worship | by Andy Smith

              RESUMING WORSHIP ~ STARTING MAY 31     8:30am   Traditional Service    9:50am   Traditional Service    11:15am  Contemporary Service        live stream any...

              Insurance Policy Tips

              04.22.20 | News | by Andy Smith

              Insurance Policy tips As a former owner of an insurance company, Jim Howse offers some practical tips on how to save money on your personal and professional insurance polices during this time of quarantine.