03.09.20 | News | by Andy Smith

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Click on the TV Screen Logo in the upper right corner to watch an introductory video for our new website.  Or you make CLICK HERE to watch.

a whole new experience

   We are excited about this new website!   It will be a powerful and useful tool that will include up-to-date information and helpful resources.  Here are some of the highlights...



   As the church staff creates events and ministries on our new digital calendar, this information will automatically be shared on the website.  You will now be able to view the full calendar and also search for events associated with a particular ministry area (like Children, Youth, Meetings, etc...).  Because our website is linked to our new Church Management Software, known as ShelbyNext, it will be constantly updated.


   Articles will be a powerful tool to share church news and events.  Think of a newspaper or magazine, only the content has to do with our church.  You will be able to read about upcoming events or news about a recent church gathering.  Articles can include any sort of media from pictures, videos, or documents.

    FINDING ARTICLES:   On the bottom of the home page is a tab that reads "Recent Articles.'   Or under the main navigation tab "Media & Resources" click on "News & Stories at FUMC."

Again, this website is brand new!
More content is added daily


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